Tempus Fugit « Patrícia Sucena de Almeida

Tempus Fugit

This piece is related with time, passing by us, and the ephemeral status of life. Several things such as the pendulum, the petals of a flower, the butterfly’s flight, and a ceramic doll (object used for photography and film issues) are the main inspirational sources. Music and Photography were worked by the composer in collaboration with Daniel Antero (film maker/video artist), using the ceramic doll (mentioned before) and ‘circular’ movements. Her body is fragile and she spins around herself in a constant dancing motion until she disappears transformed in dust – time flies and nothing is eternal.

As pointed out in the introductory notes of the piece, the ensemble is placed at the center of the stage with a screen at the back for the film projection and the photography display (developed as an installation art work) could be presented inside the concert’s place (middle right and left sides) or outside, according to a previous site specific study of the space and the possibilities available.

Sometimes not all means are shown together, and for this concert, the decision, and after a long study of all the possibilities with Prof. Guillaume Bourgogne, also the conductor of this piece, two mediums are presented: music and film.

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