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Silens Clamor

The tiltle of the piece Silens Clamor means Silent Scream. The main inspirational source was the painting of Mark Gertler called “Merry-go-round”.

On this painting, a political group of military and civilian figures – tunics pressed, hats in place, mouths open – are caught on the vicious circle of a roundabout mounting up on the automated hyper- speeded carousel of hysteria, a ready automated machine. A mechanized horror in which everyone was trapped, i.e. the war. What society had initially perceived as an adventure, had suddenly become a ride from which it could not get off. Society as a whole now realised the danger, but not seem to know how to react. There is no one to appeal to for help, no one is listening. The merry-go-round is used as a metaphor for life itself, with its ups and downs. What all riders, on this metaphorical merry-go-round can do is observe what is happening. On realising that there is no escape, they scream, screams that are frozen in time and space, silent screams that the viewer can only imagine and the listener can only feel when listening the piece.

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