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11.10.2017 – UK
Photography Series for TEMPO, a Quarterly Review of New Music Volume 71 – Issue 282 – October 2017
Title: Clausum Series (7 Photographs – below No. 1 and No. 7)
Cambridge University Press journals https\://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/tempo


20.1.2017 – UK
Continuum Simulacrum – Photography work based on Chapter No. 6 from The History of Photography in Sound | Michael Finnissy


Notes on Continuum Simulacrum

Pour moi, le bruit du Temps d’est pas triste: j’aime les cloches, les horloges, les montres – et je me rappelle qu’à l’origine, le materiel photographique relevait des techniques de l’ébénisterie et de la mécanique de precision: les appareils, au fond, étaient des horloges à voir, et peut-être en moi, quelqu’un de très ancient entend encore dans l’appareil photographique le bruit vivant du bois.’

For me the noise of Time is not sad: I love bells, clocks, watches — and I recall that at first photographic implements were related to techniques of cabinetmaking and the machinery of precision: cameras, in short, were clocks for seeing, and perhaps in me someone very old still hears in the photographic mechanism the living sound of the wood.’

Roland Barthes, La chambre claire: Note sur la photographie /Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography (translated Richard Howard).

Ian Pace, knowing my work as a photographer, proposed to develop a project relating to Michael Finnissy’s The History of Photography in Sound and I decided to focus in particularly on Chapter No. 6 (Seventeen Immortal Homosexual Poets), the first to be completed by the composer.

The resulting work is a book-box including 29 A5 printed photographs, which almost fit in ones’ hands, entitled continuum simulacrum (a continuous collection of images/spectrum(s)), which has been ‘composed’ like a new musical work with a series of ‘sounding images’ organised in multiple parts (similarly to the HoPiS episodes relating to the poets) and connected by three quotations from Barthes’s La chambre claire (1980), offering a space for reflection. A fourth one is printed directly inside on the left side of the book-box. The ‘created object’ can be considered as an ‘open work’ and maybe the first step which will continue with works relating to the other Chapters; or alternatively as a frozen memory. The five samples available are to be manipulated by the audience, as a personal object, and placed on some of the seats (performance space). After this concert part, which includes Chapters 5, 6, 7: Alkan-Paganini; Seventeen Immortal Homosexual Poets; Eadweard Muybridge-Edvard Munch, the ‘personal objects’ must be placed on another chair by the audience members who had them in their possession. A slideshow including some of the photographs (main series) plus quotations is also shown in a small screen, outside the performance space.


Collaborators on continuum simulacrum: Jorge Simões (T.art); Maria Ferreira (Chronospaper); Film (slideshow): Daniel Antero.


Friday January 20th, 2017

10:00-11:00 – Christopher Fox in conversation with Michael Finnissy on The History of Photography in Sound.

11:30-12:30 – Keynote: Gregory Woods: ‘My “personal themes”?!: Finnissy’s Seventeen Homosexual Poets and the Material World’

14:00-21:00 – Concert 3: Michael Finnissy: The Piano Music (11): The History of Photography in Sound, played by Ian Pace

14:00 – Chapters 1, 2: Le démon de l’analogie; Le réveil de l’intraitable realité
15:15 – Chapters 3, 4: North American Spirituals; My parents’ generation thought War meant something
16:35 -Chapters 5, 6, 7: Alkan-Paganini; Seventeen Immortal Homosexual Poets; Eadweard Muybridge-Edvard Munch
18:10 – Chapter 8: Kapitalistische Realisme (mit Sizilianische Männerakte und Bachsche Nachdichtungen)
19:35 – Chapters 9, 10, 11: Wachtend op de volgende uitbarsting van repressie en censuur; Unsere Afrikareise; Etched Bright with Sunlight

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©Patrícia Sucena de Almeida (Photography)



©Patrícia Sucena de Almeida (Photography)

©Daniel Antero (Film: slideshow)

23.11.2016 – Portugal
Reditus ad Vitam | Ian Pace (piano) and Daniel Antero (film) | ESML  www.esml.ipl.pt


29.10.2016 – Bélgica
Vacuum Corporis (two pianos and film) | Ian Pace, Ben Smith (pianos) and Daniel Antero (film)


Festival 20/21 Transit | Leuven (Be)


20.5.2016 – Portugal
Instabile Tempus | Sond’Ar-te | O’culto da Ajuda | Lisboa
21h30 – Encontro I – Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble
Petter Sundkvist: direcção
Sílvia Cancela: flauta
Nuno Pinto: Clarinete
Suzanna Lidegran: violino
Luís André Ferreira: violoncelo
Elsa Silva: piano
Paula Azguime: projecção sonora
Bruno Gabirro, Miguel Azguime: electrónica


Bruno Gabirro: Caminerà ab’eternu issu stolu senza fine * (2016) – EA – para 5 instrumentos e electrónica
Patrícia Sucena Almeida: Instabile Tempus * (2016) – EA – para 5 instrumentos e espaço cénico
Ricardo Ribeiro: Asper * (2016) – EA – para 5 instrumentos
Miguel Azguime: En Gêne Engin ni Gemme (2015) – EP – para 5 instrumentos e electrónica
* – obra encomendada pelo Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble


11.4.2015 – Portugal
Black and Light
Workshop Instalação e Fotografia | AAC | Coimbra


7.5.2015 – Portugal
5ªs Abertas
Conversa Informal | A prática multi artística transversal | O’culto da Ajuda | Lisboa


29.8.2015 – Portugal

Antena 2 | Programa Música Hoje

Obras portuguesas nos festivais World Music Days da ISCM

Audição de Nocturna Itinera | string quartet no.2 (and film) | Arditti Quartet

1.10.2015 – Eslovénia
World Music Days 2015
Concerto com a peça Nocturna Itinera | string quartet no.2 (and film) | by Dissonance Quartet | Ljubljana


Dissonance Quartet

Janez Podlesek – violin
Matjaž Porovne – violin
Oliver Dizdarević Škrabar – viola
Klemen Hvala – violoncello

Alexander Khubeev (ISCM Russia): String quartet №2 (2012) 8′
Wallin Rolf (ISCM Norway): Curiosity Cabinet (2009) 10′
Patrícia Sucena de Almeida (ISCM Portugal): nocturna itinera (2008) 10′
Jae-Moon Lee (individual sub.): String Quartet no. 2 – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (2012) 10′
Amr Okba (EECMS): string quartet (2010) 9′
Lojze Lebič (Slovenia): String quartet (1983) 20′

16.10.2015 – Canadá
Concerto com a peça Tempus Fugit | Ensemble (photography and film) | by McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble | Québec
Direcção: Guillaume Bourgogne
Filme: Daniel Antero
Fotografia: Patrícia Sucena de Almeida

McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble

PATRICIA SUCENA DE ALMEIDA : Tempus Fugit (10’) for ensemble and film – WP
FRANCO DONATONI : Holly (11′) for solo oboist and ensemble. Jacqueline Leclair, oboes
JURO KIM FELIZ (Resident composer) : Wilujeng (11’) for mezzo soprano and ensemble. Cara Search, mezzo-soprano – WP
HELMUT LACHENMANN : Mouvement (- vor der Erstarrung) (23′) for ensemble



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