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Aranea ,

Fantastic labyrinthine, dark, cavernous and gloomy constructions, traversed by vertiginous paths. The constant presence of an “abyss feeling” and its hypnotic fascination, arriving to an abrupt end, without anything we could grab to be saved, without being able to go one step further unless falling into a deep hole. Endless stairs, no way out for a getaway. The need to be released and a constant struggle by those who walk in-between this labyrinthine web, formed by sinister paths, machines, cables, levers, arches, like traps. As if we were prisoners of the space. A confusing disorderly/orderly web, protecting and imprisoning. The horror of a lonely space, its expansion and contraction, condemns us to a “no way out”. In the book “Confessions of an English Opium Eater” (1821), Thomas De Quincey referred to these fantastic buildings entitled “Carceri D’Invenzioni” (dating back to 1749/50 and reworked in 1761), being the main source of inspiration for this piece.

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